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Totes new Crash Art!! From ah-bagels!! Another of my fav artists!! She really captured some Crash embarrassment :$

Plus Story from Embie!! squeakpigsrevenge

The baby wiggled happily on her lap, babbling about a made up game that he’d been playing with Burn the rhino. He’d clambered onto her lap the second she’d sat down, his wee fighting to escape through the front of his diaper. It was always fun when the baby was so eager to play.

She petted him as he talked, appreciating the little gasps that escaped when she found an especially sensitive spot, a fingernail over a pebbled nipple or a gentle pinch to the inside of a thigh.

"You’re diaper is very wet." She said conversationally, cutting off his chattering with a finger inside the leghole of his soaked diaper. He blushed prettily at that and ducked his head, his fist finding it’s way to his mouth. "Did my dirty diaper boy make messy as well?" He shivered as she pulled him in close to her chest, fingers dancing just inside the top of diaper, tickling his back.

"No, ma’am." The baby whimpered around the fingers in his mouth.

"Mmmm. Mommy better check for herself. Naughty boys who sit on Mommy’s lap in a wet diaper, can’t be trusted to know if they’ve made messy." She pulled him forward until he was twisted and tucked under one arm, his diaper fully accessible. She pulled open the back of his nappy and took several long moments, pulling the material this way and that, to inspect his bottom. "Well, I don’t see any mess," She said, allowing the elastic to snap sharply back in place. She felt him sag against her slightly, an ‘I told you so’ grumbled into the arms the baby had buried his burning face into.

"But really, there’s only one way to be sure." She pulled a wipe out of the box on the side table, and quickly untaped his diaper, pushing the soggy material out of the way. Before he could protest, a wet wipe covered finger prodded at his bummyhole.
“All messy bottoms in this house get an enema,” She tutted, “and clean bottoms get treats.” To be continued…

Lastly we here at Crashblog dedicate this to our boy peter-punkin-eater! Holla at ya bruh!
Embie sez: *squishhug* to one of my all time fave little friends!

commission I did! n_n


Anonymous asked:

if you dont have credit for the art you post, you shouldnt fucking post it. you have posted mine multiple times and i want it down but tumblr wont let me link.

Of you send a fan mail and not an ask, you can link. Let me know and I’ll remove it.

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