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Hi Y’all!! OMN!! The Autumnal Equinox Fox Exchange is right around the corner!! This weekend I’ll be getting in touch with y’all to see where everyone’s at! So far this is everyone who has expressed interest in celebrating the holiday! arkhamsdiaperpail squeakpigsrevenge queenfiange temapup breeree oncallmccall shells42 chesshireme ddlgdoodles daddyspokeprincess @xyloskeptic @littleapplerack. If I missed you, I’m so sorry please let me know!!

Art by the lovely merunyaa


I return with a couple of doodles~!

I wish I could’ve gotten more done during my… involuntary absence, but during the time my internet was down I was too depressed to draw anything. X( It wasn’t until sometime earlier this past week that a felt the motivation to draw again.

So for now, enjoy these doodles of Sakura (from Street Fighter) and Sybil (from Sam & Max).

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